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If you have any questions or problems that arise after the completion of your roof, don't hesitate to call. We are prompt at answering your call and attending to the issue immediately, with completing a full follow-up.


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Shingles – Shingles choices and colours are very important to the conclusion of your curb appeal, the longevity of your roofing system and the value for your dollar. Roofing products are available in a huge selection of materials, style, and textures. Make sure you select a roof that compliments your home's appearance and curb appeal.

Underlayment’s - The proper underlayment’s and installation practice are a great way to insure roof deck protection in extreme weather conditions. Examples are Ice & Water Shields, Gracie, and Blueskin etc.

Skylights – Glass curb mount are the least maintenance and most effective skylights in the industry. Examples are Columbia and Velux

Ventilation – Proper ventilation is one of the most important functions to your home or property. Proper ventilation can save very high costs as we have seen many high costs repairs due to molds from improper ventilation.

Valleys – Valleys are the most crucial point to most sloped roofs as they are the drain point of 2 sides, call us to find out the most durable valley systems.

Metal Flashings – Flashings are just as important as the shingles around them to keep water out. We recommend new flashings to your flash points with any new roof installation.

Installation – Quality and workmanship are a reflection of how long and durable your roofing system will be. Time is money -- your money. Consider a roof that is quickly installed, and can cut labor costs.

Insurance – This is the properties owners obligation and due diligence to demand proof of required insurances in their regions.

Reliability – This is an obvious one, reliability to do what is needed and required for your roofing specialists to complete including doing what the agreement or contract states.

Types of roofing systems – There are many types of roofing systems for property managers and owners to consider. Longevity and appearance versus cost. Some systems include shingles, cedar, slate, metal, modified bitumen, EPDM, TPO etc.

Clean up – An impeccable clean up is essential to the completion of any job or project.

Safety – With roofing, safety is the most important aspect. Safety procedures should be always followed and enforced accordingly. As many customers don’t realize it is actually the property managers or owners responsibility to hire a competent company to protect themselves from strict government safety standards.

Free Estimate – Roofing estimates should always be free except $500k plus roofs where a lot of foot work, time and paperwork are required.

Warranty – Make sure to ask the hired contractor for time duration of warranty, this is what will save you heavy costs in the future. Also find out how much you can depend on this warranty and its integrity.

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