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About Gryphon Extreme Roofing

Our objective is to expand across Canada to eliminate uneducated roofers and increase better safety practices, and installations procedures for all building and home owners. To date we have had a 100% customer satisfaction; with believe that this comes from top quality workmanship and using high quality products for an average price.

With being trained by German Roofing Masters, who have 55 yrs experience and have excelled in using traditional European building techniques for the construction, repair and restoration of roofs; in which we continue to use till this day.

Safety is a number one concern to our company and we have full liability coverage and covered under WSIB. To this day, the president of the company is hands on and is completely up to date with materials and installation practices. We appreciate and thank you for all our past, present, and future business.

But don't take our word for it, click here to see our Testimonies page, and while you are out driving next feel free to DRIVE BY some of recent roofed houses. Click here for Gryphon Extreme's Drive By Roofing List.

** ATTENTION: Due to privacy and consideration of our customers, these addresses are ONLY for drive-by referrals.

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