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Can I do my roof myself?

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Roofing Master

We don’t know, can you? Out of all the do-it-yourself projects we recommend leaving this one to the professionals. It is very tough, hot, dangerous need all the right tools, and require years of proper training to actually do it right to withhold many years of abuse.

Hard work scenario for fun: 70 bundle roof x 75 lbs = 5250 lbs x 8 times moved or handled = 42,000 lbs or 19.09 tonne

1. From skid to ladder   2. From ladder pile onto ladder  3. From top of ladder to main pile  4. From main pile to install position  5.From install position to tact point 6. Old shingles from rip to pile  7. From pile to garage usually  8. From garage to bin.  Add another  3 lifts for a 2 layer roof.

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